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File 143468340339.png - (136.98KB , 540x710 , tumblr_n2t9mpCKck1r4j68ho1_540.png )
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Sup /420/. share some cop stories. not that big of a deal but it was fun
>be today
>decide to go to close-by river bank on my bike for a little wake and bake
>start doing my buisness
>get straight up caught by some old lady on a walk
>she just leaves
>no worries, decide not to trip about it
>leaving about 10-15 mins later
>about to emerge from the woods and think to myself "it would suck if i saw a cop"
>literaly 30s later see a damn 2 patrol cars coming to my side of the park
>decide they must be coming for me becuase im the only person on that side (like a half mile from any other people)
>slpit second decision decide to get on some dip action and bust a U and make it for some hikin trails
>ride out to the other side of the neighborhood, about ~1 blocks from my home
>racing there
>see both cops parked next to eachother facing a opposite ways clear down the street
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>> No. 52
Squad there still gives a handy
>> No. 53
Did u lose Ur bong? >>49
>> No. 55
>I tried suicide by cop once and lived
>I started waving around a knife in public
>cops get called and they show up
>I retreat inside my basement apartment
>yell at them through the basement windows
>throw beer bottle through basement window
>finally the swat team arrives
>swat team comes down the stairs
>they didn't count on the steps being too creaky
>I grab another knife from the kitchen
>they busted through the door
>I rush at them thinking they're using real >bullets...... fucking rubber bullets saved my >life

File 143334932761.png - (15.62KB , 800x394 , 800px-MDMA.png )
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Anyone here like MDMA? Its probably the only drug besides alcohol that I actually enjoy doing. Its very scarce where I live though so I've only done it a few times.
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>> No. 38
I remember reading somewhere that a lot of times back then it was cut with various other drugs such as amphetamine and that's why people had bad reactions to the brown acid at Woodstock, because it was the first pure stuff they had and it was too intense.
>> No. 39
>> No. 54
here in australia the two most common drgs are ice and those legal synthetic "experiences" i hate ice, i love those experiences

File 143284607997.jpg - (82.71KB , 600x800 , FB_IMG_1432846057245.jpg )
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>> No. 41
its only illegal when you decide to put weed in it. until then. It's completely legal.
>> No. 46
i had a dealer that always cleaned his pipe after using it. went as far as to keep rubbing alcohol in the car.
>> No. 47
man, i hardly ever clean mine. However i guess its about time, seeing as its starting to get gunked up.

File 143285629439.png - (433.80KB , 720x1280 , Screenshot_2015-05-28-19-37-19.png )
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Somebody needs to fix the theme so that we can actually read the threads
>> No. 27
Yeah. The background needs to go. I use the drop down box amd change the theme.
>> No. 28
Thanks for fixing it
>> No. 29
Of course man. Also the thread life has been taken off. So now threads won't get pruned every day.

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