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File 143334932761.png - (15.62KB , 800x394 , 800px-MDMA.png )
31 No. 31
Anyone here like MDMA? Its probably the only drug besides alcohol that I actually enjoy doing. Its very scarce where I live though so I've only done it a few times.
>> No. 32
I have actually taken it a few times. It's not always around where i live but when it does come it's in a huge supply. So i usually get a decent bag full. Take them to shows and do em.

I wouldn't call it my favorite but its high up. Top 5 probably.
>> No. 33
what is your favourite drug?
>> No. 34
Acid by far!
>> No. 36
never tried acid, some guy I know that did it back in the 70s says teh stuff out now isn't the same...
>> No. 37
I had a teacher back in highschool that told me the exact same thing.
>> No. 38
I remember reading somewhere that a lot of times back then it was cut with various other drugs such as amphetamine and that's why people had bad reactions to the brown acid at Woodstock, because it was the first pure stuff they had and it was too intense.
>> No. 39
>> No. 54
here in australia the two most common drgs are ice and those legal synthetic "experiences" i hate ice, i love those experiences

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