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File 143468340339.png - (136.98KB , 540x710 , tumblr_n2t9mpCKck1r4j68ho1_540.png )
42 No. 42
Sup /420/. share some cop stories. not that big of a deal but it was fun
>be today
>decide to go to close-by river bank on my bike for a little wake and bake
>start doing my buisness
>get straight up caught by some old lady on a walk
>she just leaves
>no worries, decide not to trip about it
>leaving about 10-15 mins later
>about to emerge from the woods and think to myself "it would suck if i saw a cop"
>literaly 30s later see a damn 2 patrol cars coming to my side of the park
>decide they must be coming for me becuase im the only person on that side (like a half mile from any other people)
>slpit second decision decide to get on some dip action and bust a U and make it for some hikin trails
>ride out to the other side of the neighborhood, about ~1 blocks from my home
>racing there
>see both cops parked next to eachother facing a opposite ways clear down the street
>take my left and hurry into the garage

it was a fun expierince, especially since too much wasnt on the line anyway
>> No. 43
> get to work this morning
> boss tells me that some feds came looking for me on my off day...
> Oh shit .jpg
> still waiting for them to come back.
>> No. 44
>waiting for them to come back
If I were you I would avoid them not wait for them to come back.
>> No. 45
Yeah, I ended up leaving. Once I actually thought about it
>> No. 48
>be me
>hanging with the squad
>blazin like there's no tommorow, some dank kush in my hand
>step brother beside me ripping a cone
>he looks like johnny depp no joke
>im taking a massive hit on my 6 chamber bong
>watching the big bang theory on day time tv
>step bro starts to look a lot like howard walowitz
>total jew, i started screaming for help
i live quite near a cop shop.
>step brother now starts to look like sheldon
>i get real horny
>i begin to start drooling at the thought of sheldon's test tubes yum ;)
>we kissed
>i started massageing his scalp
>> No. 49
>lowerrrr, lowerrrrr, i reach his feet
>i reach his knob
we were cooked and he was my step brother... it isnt that bad
>massaging faster
>oh yeah, oh yeah, for some reason he was looking at raj on tv too intently
>he starts to look like howard again, i get real scared and run into the back yard.
>i leave into the lane and run to the cop shop
>howard wallowitz raped me i said to the person at the desk.
>they knew what id been doing.
>we all got warnings for possesion and "howard" spent a night in jail.
>> No. 50
>> No. 51
Femanon is bullshitter
>> No. 52
Squad there still gives a handy
>> No. 53
Did u lose Ur bong? >>49
>> No. 55
>I tried suicide by cop once and lived
>I started waving around a knife in public
>cops get called and they show up
>I retreat inside my basement apartment
>yell at them through the basement windows
>throw beer bottle through basement window
>finally the swat team arrives
>swat team comes down the stairs
>they didn't count on the steps being too creaky
>I grab another knife from the kitchen
>they busted through the door
>I rush at them thinking they're using real >bullets...... fucking rubber bullets saved my >life

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