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Hopefully by adding this board, I will find other People that are interested. Board is in trial mode. #ALLHAILNIB
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File 143284218266.jpg - (12.56KB , 499x390 , geuu_03_img0636.jpg )
7 No. 7
I know this is an area 51 board but what do you guys think about hangar 18? I have lived by wright patt air force base all my life and I have seen some weird shit. My mother has lived in the area pretty much all her life and has seen some of the same stuff I saw years later.
>> No. 8
What sort of things have yall witnessed.

I deff believe it's alien related.
>> No. 9
The most common thing is a bright light that seems to hover then just shoot extremely fast in one direction and then extremely fast in the other. I know it can't be an airplane there is no way those types of speeds would be possible. My mother has claimed to see the same things. There was also something else she say that must of scared her incredibly bad because she refuses to speak about it I tried bringing it up one time and she got very angry about it
>> No. 10
Or atleast it's an entrance to a huge underground operation. Just like a51. Fuck for all we know there could be tunnels connecting the two.
>> No. 11
She saw*

Also I have seen this light over the base and over downtown dayton
>> No. 12
Yeah, that's definately a ufo. Just recently seen one out where I am. There is no mistaking them.

Highly interested in the secret stuff. It wpuld kill me to know my mom had some deep Intel
>> No. 13
I actually have a friend that works as a contractor machinist on the base he says there are tons of tunnels and underground facilities. He even went down into one in the building he works at. It had a massive vault type door that was open when he went through it I guess it went miles underground they told him they had some type of radioactive stuff down there
>> No. 14
The first time I saw it it scared the shit out of me I tried for a week to think of an explanation as to what it could have been. I don't know what she knows she refuses to talk about it I haven't asked in about 4 years maybe I'll bring it up again next time I see her.
>> No. 15
That's legit! I'm too curious of a person to work at a place like that. I wpuld find myself fired real quick for either wandering or asking too many questions.
>> No. 16
He actually took pictures too to my surprise I'm gonna text him and see if he'll send them and I'll post them here.

I'm the same way too I work in an old massive factory and I tend to go explore in the old tunnels and shit all the time
>> No. 17
Dude! That would be overlly legit. Would love to see!
>> No. 18
Heres the thing guys. After WW2 we captured a lot of advanced German technology. Cold War was starting and the Soviets had things too. Between experimental and advanced German aircrafts, the space race and things like stealth aircraft/drones everything we thought was 'ufos' was just stuff the air force was keeping under wraps.

When Desert Storm happened those Steaths didn't come out of nowhere and when the War on Terror happened those drones weren't designed and created over night. It was all things that happened in places like this.
>> No. 21
You would be amazed at all of the things that are underground. I remember seeing a thread on some infiltration/urbex board where a guy found a huge underground structure and there was a lot of info posted about this kind of stuff, if I can find it I'll post it.
>> No. 22
I just talked to his wife today and told her to tell him to send them I'd he still has them. Hopefully he will send them later today or this weekend
>> No. 23
I agree 100% with what you are saying. I know alot of ufo spotting are actually experimental aircraft but there was no way what I say an aircraft. Or at least nothing with current technology
>> No. 24
im pumped for this to arrive. Hope he has them.
>> No. 25
Well she said she texted him but I never heard anything back. I'll be seeing him tomorrow hopefully I can get them

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