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File 143447797420.jpg - (9.78KB , 300x168 , imgres.jpg )
1 No. 1
Sorry guys, redditchan. AKA 8ch raided us and fucked a few things up. A handful of boards were affected by this. you guys were one of them, i hope you can understand that this was not our fault and the whole blame is to be out on hotwheels and his faggots. Please continue to post as you were.
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>> No. 2
For fucks sake. Wiped again?
Oh well. Whatever.
>> No. 8
File 143458243348.png - (230.80KB , 436x512 , 1434289833449-2.png )
Can you please use the news page maybe?
>> No. 9
i can. sorry. I usually post in meta, But this board was directly effected so i decided to personally let you guys know what the deal was..
>> No. 11
Cool. Can you get on IRC please?
>> No. 15
i'm there.
>> No. 17
File 143458390495.png - (23.78KB , 275x53 , wearewatching.png )
Strange, I can't see you.
>> No. 19

i'll have to setup the domain for it again.
>> No. 33
>> No. 70
Are we still welcome here Nuclear-min?
>> No. 72
>> No. 73
Yeah, I talked with the guys, you are welcome here. We have had multiple raids, but we are watching viliganty to prevent another wipe.
>> No. 76
Of course you are!!

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