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File 143500885648.jpg - (28.25KB , 276x348 , 1413141668938-1.jpg )
194 No. 194
Man, this place seems to have slowed down even more. I don't mind, just feels kinda odd at like 2 posts a day.
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>> No. 195
it's just this board
>> No. 196
File 143501782470.png - (303.85KB , 722x768 , 1434364386254.png )
Unfortunately yes.

How many of you guys are willing to commit to posting daily?
>> No. 198
Whenever I post something worthwhile I try to post it in both our locations.

After all our fun got wiped though I've curled into a ball and focused on calculus.
>> No. 199
I make my best posts at 8ch f/am/ because that's where the hood be.
>> No. 201
File 143505471095.jpg - (169.59KB , 575x575 , 1410509004597.jpg )
I haven't been on 8/am/ for a while. Maybe I should. It's not as comfy tho.
>> No. 203
I have to agree. I'll just keep posting and hope that more people join in.
>> No. 209
how could you leave your f/am/ all alone like that
also learn2tab

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