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File 143412126074.gif - (224.31KB , 160x120 , 1411248482338.gif )
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I'm from 8chan since reddit invaded. Here have a rate pepe.
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>> No. 1953
it only appeals to certain people.
>> No. 1961
I guess im not one of them,kids are not really in my i want to fuck list.But im glad they stay active in their own board instead of flooding /b/ with CP threads.
>> No. 1966
Same here dude. But yes they follow the rules so it's cool.

File 143407031350.jpg - (133.18KB , 833x578 , wrh2gf.jpg )
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Why are girls doing anal sex younger these days? Pic related, a few of my friends have done them up the ass

Also post pics of girls you know who've taken it
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>> No. 1908
degrading for you or for her? its just good fun if you do it right
>> No. 1909
File 143408033354.jpg - (95.90KB , 640x689 , 13805-29496-7511.jpg )
>> No. 1910

File 143406459787.jpg - (111.41KB , 580x774 , 7CprWrN.jpg )
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I'm looking for a place that allows you to upload videos. But with no restrictions. So movies if you will. Then take all the videos and movies I uploaded and shuffle them into a playlist allowing me to embed places. Ideas?
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>> No. 1893
pretty much if you want freedom go to deepweb and find some place people host cp vids, only there can you have total freedom to put up any kind of video.
>> No. 1894
No one wants to see cp tho.

Also the videos I'm looking to upload. They are legal.
>> No. 1907
I'm p sure the internet would disagree with you there. So is it racist, political or gore?

File 143406420332.png - (241.90KB , 1080x1920 , Screenshot_2014-11-15-20-11-31.png )
1877 No. 1877 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Still one of my favorite things from twitter.
>> No. 1886
Twitter is cancer, haxxor some accounts.
>> No. 1897
File 143407121551.png - (73.53KB , 308x314 , 1433729541501.png )

File 143390424614.jpg - (117.69KB , 650x383 , 0a03c1696520c62a542d641d27dbf023.jpg )
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Anyone here like art?
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>> No. 1834
Nah I just work there. I'm from Best Virginia.
>> No. 1889
Yeha man i dig it alot,im teaching myself how to draw,after that i'll go into painting,im also considering taking that 18 month fundamentals track in LAAFA.
>> No. 1890
Go for it dude, I use to sell some of my works at this art walk we would have. Made some decent money doing it

File 143397724798.jpg - (279.13KB , 450x632 , 635032499617632332.jpg )
1821 No. 1821 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Cthulhu time.
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>> No. 1839
thats not fishy at all
>> No. 1858
File 143405439056.jpg - (28.49KB , 425x300 , cthulhu_plugin.jpg )
>> No. 1860
Lol that's pretty cool!

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