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What a /b/ board is suppose to /b/

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File 143464333514.png - (96.65KB , 481x803 , 1433385544678.png )
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We need a backup NIB in the deepweb.
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>> No. 3569
Tongue my anus until it's red
>> No. 3605

Asylum, my nigga, where does the name come from? I'm gonna guess you loved sharknado and titanic 2 and so you named yourself after the studio that made them. Am a rite?
>> No. 3635
theres that on this site already

File 143478687088.jpg - (488.04KB , 1461x2048 , tmp_17919-bruce-jenner-caitlyn-jenner-a70d06faaf2c.jpg )
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What does /b/ think of Bruce Jenner's "transition"?
Personally I think that of he dosnt lose his cock, he stays a man.
>inb4 your playing into his attention seeking
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>> No. 3613
yeah, still a guy until he loses the dick. IMO
>> No. 3626
Bruce is still, and always will be male, simply because of his LolYChromosome. He's that weirdo kid that liked playing pretend a little too much and never grew up.
>> No. 3634
wasnt he like micheal jackson because he didnt have a childhood?

File 143479410064.png - (16.09KB , 797x147 , Stats.png )
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Woah, we're going fast. Aren't we?
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>> No. 3627
that would be nice.
>> No. 3629
Isn't he on right now? I don't need to fill in a CAPTCHA.
>> No. 3632
When captcha goes away it means he's awake not necessarily on.

File 143471455789.jpg - (61.24KB , 500x615 , tumblr_ml9crbgbjZ1r23fj9o1_500.jpg )
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I guess it is because most of you guys come from shitty places. But i just want to let you know that I am not worried about profit. Or gaining anything except some good laughs from post off of this site. I understand that hotwheels pushes his people to mine, and moot sold ads. This is neither 8 or 4. And I'm not hw or M.

Just wanted to let you guys know.

Have a fantastic day.

Ps. The only time I will post. I.E. Admin will be in purple. If it's all blue it is not me. As I saw a post earlier that used my name. But due to not having my code. It wasn't in purple.
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>> No. 3587
>> No. 3595
You really want awful censor ship like 4chan? this site might grow with lots of people coming from 8chan who really hate any type of censorship other than illegal things
>> No. 3631
No one knows what you are talking about m8.

File 143477008978.gif - (49.74KB , 69x120 , 2Jw5GNA.gif )
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look who i just kidnapped...
>> No. 3602
>>3602 will be win
we made it guys.
>> No. 3623
Of course we win

File 14348122878.jpg - (1.07MB , 3264x1836 , IMG_20150620_105743.jpg )
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Morning /b/ post your breakfast
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>> No. 3615
I had a turkey patty and steamed peas.
>> No. 3621
Ew for breakfast that's weird
>> No. 3622

File 143471744458.jpg - (47.39KB , 1280x720 , 456789.jpg )
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Let's write a letter to Anita Sarkeesian.

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>> No. 3604
>> No. 3609
>> No. 3610

File 143477883442.jpg - (546.83KB , 784x807 , 8953f44c547161a21fa2d0996a278ea8.jpg )
3593 No. 3593 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
n-ib have irc chat????

@asylum if it doesnt id be happy to help with it
>> No. 3598
#NIB rizon
See you there

File 143470326335.jpg - (30.07KB , 336x341 , 1432478432976.jpg )
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>> No. 3426
It's a nigger. Do eeeeiiit
>> No. 3527
Why would they kill Obama? He supports them with arms and money.
>> No. 3571
Yeah, sucks doesn't it?

File 143473570830.jpg - (30.01KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )
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Asylum, this site belongs to me now. Please sticky.
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>> No. 3563
Well at least bring me some claritin
>> No. 3564
No die.
>> No. 3570
Back from the store. Went buy some myself.

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