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File 143471455789.jpg - (61.24KB , 500x615 , tumblr_ml9crbgbjZ1r23fj9o1_500.jpg )
3436 No. 3436
I guess it is because most of you guys come from shitty places. But i just want to let you know that I am not worried about profit. Or gaining anything except some good laughs from post off of this site. I understand that hotwheels pushes his people to mine, and moot sold ads. This is neither 8 or 4. And I'm not hw or M.

Just wanted to let you guys know.

Have a fantastic day.

Ps. The only time I will post. I.E. Admin will be in purple. If it's all blue it is not me. As I saw a post earlier that used my name. But due to not having my code. It wasn't in purple.
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>> No. 3438
File 143471537332.png - (253.58KB , 381x403 , 1410769663826.png )
>Ps. The only time I will post. I.E. Admin will be in purple. If it's all blue it is not me. As I saw a post earlier that used my name. But due to not having my code. It wasn't in purple.

You're kinda cute dude.
>> No. 3439
He's gotta let the people know.
>> No. 3440
profit is multiple

1 no fags
2 no cancer
3 no chemo
4 no butthurt

>blue is the new purple
>> No. 3441
also, why did you delete that thread?
>> No. 3443
Another mod probably did.

They don't take kindly to people impersonating the admin.
>> No. 3444
> no cancer
>yet he sits there trying to impersonate a admin
> you my friend, are cancer.
>> No. 3446
File 143471684370.jpg - (53.99KB , 500x482 , 1293774340580.jpg )
it takes a fool to fool a fool.
>> No. 3473
Haha this is going to be a great image board thank you daddy asylum
>> No. 3478
Have a nice day you too.

This said, how do you plan to fund the site?, I know your policy is to reinvert your own sheckels here, but you can't possibly fund this site all by yourself.
>> No. 3485

Hey admin check your email and unban me. Wouldn't mind normally cuz muh proxy but at work bored on my fone killing time it's annoying cause proxy is bullshit on this phone
>> No. 3486
I can for the time being. I made some decent money last summer. Hopefully will do it again this time round. So for now I do believe we are good.
>> No. 3487
Going check now.
>> No. 3489
Where is the moot thread?
>> No. 3492
i deleted it you impostor
>> No. 3493
lurk moar.
>> No. 3494
File 143472031160.jpg - (112.80KB , 468x411 , url.jpg )
I made some decent money last summer
>money last summer

>admin likes summerfriends
it all makes sense now
>> No. 3495
The money was un chan related m8
>> No. 3497
The creator of the post deleted it. I can confirm.
>> No. 3500

this site is fun
>> No. 3501

I love you guy
>> No. 3504
new thread
>> No. 3540
Just watch as OP changes his mind and starts thinking about how to run this site to the ground.
>> No. 3545
And when do you presume This will take place? It hasn't happened in the few years that it has been alive.
>> No. 3562
Seeing how much he cares, I doubt it will happen anytime soon.
>> No. 3572
Once 8chan is ran over by cancer,people will be moving to this site most likely,let sometime pass as money fills asylum's pocket and bad things start happening.
>> No. 3574
Asylum has money... so you're wrong on the whole "money will change Asylum" Asylum busted his ass in a band for 6 years to get money. And please enlighten us as to what these bad things might be that will be happening.
>> No. 3579
I am a mod.
>> No. 3580
you aint shit
>> No. 3581
Why did I laugh at this
>> No. 3582
because he isnt?
>> No. 3583
mootsiewootsie is that you.?
>> No. 3584
Oh my god, ban this impersonator pls
>> No. 3585
He would have a purple ##MOD## by his name. Don't worry, he isn't a mod.
>> No. 3586
Are you sure? His act was pretty convincing...
>> No. 3587
>> No. 3595
You really want awful censor ship like 4chan? this site might grow with lots of people coming from 8chan who really hate any type of censorship other than illegal things
>> No. 3631
No one knows what you are talking about m8.

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