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What a /b/ board is suppose to /b/

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File 143495217920.png - (105.72KB , 903x467 , cancer.png )
3703 No. 3703
This is why 4chan has gone down the fucking shitter.
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>> No. 3714
File 143496129122.jpg - (77.44KB , 577x599 , haddock.jpg )
>> No. 3715
the problem with 4chan is how easy it is to ban people and take down posts. this problem is just starting to show on 8chan. please asylum, don't allow mods to ban people for nothing. for the love of nib.
>> No. 3725
Here is what I think the problem is. 4chan grants mod privates to people fairly easy. Which then allows those people to ban as they see fit. They need to position more janitors in. That way they only have the power to delete a post, instead of just banning people for talking in a raid thread. Almost every chan goes down hill in that fashion. It's something that I'm walking around, because I don't want to be in the same boat. There is a reason that when I give my janitors a login and pass. I specifically tell them to clean the cp. Everything else is good to go.

Over modding is killing thr chan culture.
>> No. 3726
:') you just made dreams come true
>> No. 3727

Excuse the typo, I'm on my phone.
>> No. 3745
Even deletions are harmful to the overall chan ecosystem. Moderation cannot hope to control the beast that is imageboard culture and only destroys it in the long run.
>> No. 3758
Fucking ridiculous I'm so glad that isn't a banable offense here. Hell we even have a raid board!
>> No. 3800
>I specifically tell them to clean the cp
All that's needed in a non specific board. Proven by two chans killing themselves in less than a years time.
>> No. 3802
Cool. The greatest problem with granting individuals the power to delete posts/ban users is that some of those given that power will abuse it. 4Chan's mods/janitors were actually pretty chill at one point until m00t went ahead and gave power to faggots who make decisions based on their feelings rather than the rules. Now unless you're basically making cookie-cutter threads, you'll get b&.

Just saying, watch your henchmen, Asylum.
>> No. 3829
Oh man, can i make you a sandwich or something ?
With attitude like that ill be your bitch.
>> No. 3982
ya it said I was banned for spamming, which arguably happened. Then said I was in violation of global rule 14. Now it's letting me post.
>> No. 4058
op here, looks like i'm staying :^)
>> No. 4059
good good!
>> No. 4075
This place seems quite cosy. I've been hopping chans for a while now, having gone through 76chan, finalchan, 8chan, and more. Really, a lot more. But yeah, out of all of them, this seems like the nicest go-to chan.
>> No. 4082
It is man. It's slow moving at times. But that's something that makes it cozy. You can linger in a post for a couple days.
>> No. 4086
Lol Asylum sticky this pic plz

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