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File 143505943133.jpg - (14.19KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )
3814 No. 3814
Has anyone ever watched these guys. Came across them while watching troll videos.

Did they really make that much money by being false profits? Or is the whole entire thing for shits and giggles?
>> No. 3816
im not sure if they made money, but i do know that there are masses of stupid people out there, and you just have to be the one to get to them first.
>> No. 3819
If I'm not mistaken they wrote their own bible. And sold it for 30 bucks. But still, they were trolling everyone.
>> No. 3841
I wish this was true but I heard it was all bull but the troll videos basically made my sides non existence
>> No. 3843
Probably just two bros having a little fun on the weekends.
>> No. 4119

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