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What a /b/ board is suppose to /b/

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File 143526874190.png - (426.54KB , 1440x2560 , Screenshot_2015-06-25-22-44-01.png )
4002 No. 4002
Hey /b/ try solving this captcha I came across on /meta/

Also, dafuq kinda enigma captcha shit is that.

Captcha here on /b/ for comparison : 3104
>> No. 4004
Lol, Fug that
>> No. 4009
just write nigger and hope it works
>> No. 4010
so 2008
>> No. 4022
No idea. Best guess is a string of numbers.
>> No. 4076
The second part is way harder to read, but here's my guess:

cep00025-376 cldada97

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