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File 143528692536.jpg - (13.25KB , 241x250 , 1428816372367.jpg )
4020 No. 4020
Just a question if prophet Muhammad had sex with a nine year old why the Fuck do people still worship him? Someone fill me in
>> No. 4021
I've wondered the exact same thing.
>> No. 4023
Everyone was having sex with nine year olds back then.
>> No. 4025
But why keep worshiping him today?
>> No. 4028
Having sex with a nine year old dosnt invalidate his dogma
>> No. 4039
>why the Fuck do people still worship him?
Worshipping people is haram.
>> No. 4043
Plus there religion is so oppressing I feel so bad everytime I saw a woman in a burka and it's violent as well it just boggles my mind that someone could be worshipped after all the wrong fullness
>> No. 4047

... Nuff said
>> No. 4072

Moralfags are a plague on this site, those towel heads oppress themselves
>> No. 4110
Why were there so many muslims on 4chan pol?

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