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What a /b/ board is suppose to /b/

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File 143544803894.gif - (656.05KB , 500x500 , 1435387351444.gif )
4078 No. 4078
Fug you Asylum. You banned me.
>> No. 4079
What was the cause?
>> No. 4080
I posted fug.
>> No. 4081
You are going around causing cancer outside of where fug belongs.

You literally went in a meta post and said. "Someone said fug spam"

I don't blame him.
>> No. 4088
Then it was a good ban stop spamming fug that shit is fucking cancer
>> No. 4090
I agree with you. It was already discussed that we have no problem as a community with you putting git in Shit NIB says.
>> No. 4091
The /snibs/ thread is gone.
>> No. 4092
>> No. 4095
Really? Asylum gives out bans for fug now?
>> No. 4108
>> No. 4109
nice IP btw
>> No. 4115
I changed it because I'm not stupid.

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