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File 148381811095.png - (8.22KB , 849x407 , opinions.png )
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File 147580406350.jpg - (57.23KB , 737x600 , Gigabyte_GeForce_GTX_960_GV_N960OC_4GD_4GB.jpg )
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How about a gpu thread. High end or low end. What has been your favorite so far?
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>> No. 66
Can that thing run gtaV full settings?
>> No. 67
Haha. Wtf
>> No. 68
File 147582938186.jpg - (83.12KB , 450x450 , 33489_index_g.jpg )
I had this one for a whole before I got my 750ti. It worked couldn't play any high end games. Buy alot of indy stuff on low settings it could.

File 143260597876.jpg - (190.19KB , 1280x720 , Star_Butterfly_05.jpg )
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You know the drill!
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>> No. 29
fuck yeah man!
>> No. 30
I tried Python but just couldn't get into it.
>> No. 60

File 143527516758.jpg - (13.12KB , 330x269 , B00965WK8K_43703MCB_rat_3_mb_C.jpg )
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What kind of mouse are you currently using. Pic related. The rat 3
>> No. 59
deathadder chroma, call me a razer fag or what but i really like it

File 143475666168.jpg - (87.07KB , 640x480 , RYf0yFo.jpg )
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Hey guys. Just got my gaming pc together. What do you think?
>> No. 58
File 143530350833.gif - (120.00KB , 350x197 , clap.gif )
good job, OP - i'm truly envious

File 143520035724.jpg - (91.12KB , 570x600 , 5570.jpg )
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Hey, I've got this old Galaxy Mini lying around. It's so ancient that it's powered by a 600Mhz(now OCed to 800) processor and has 280mb of RAM. Most of the newer apps don't even run on this phone.

I am running a minimal barebone ROM on it at the moment and I've been using it as an MP3 player for a while.

SO, do you know guys know any other practical ways to make use of such old android phones?
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>> No. 54
have you got any idea for newer phones?
>> No. 55
If you aren't going to use it as an actual phone anymore. Put some roms on it. Stream movies from that to chrome cast. Torrent on it. There's some decent things to do.
>> No. 56
have a Micromax Canvas HD too with a shattered screen, but other than that, everything works on it.

File 143516143516.jpg - (1.15MB , 4458x3344 , _6245864_HDR.jpg )
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One of the sexiest towers I've ever seen.
>> No. 50
ok that is just awesome

price and parts list?
>> No. 51
It's not mine, as much as I wish it were. I just found this pic while browsing.

File 143338881534.jpg - (2.36MB , 4000x3000 , IMG_0776.jpg )
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Anyone here a Macfag?
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>> No. 44
Very interesting, might look into them.
>> No. 45
They have decent specs and are manufactured in USA. I can't recommend them enough.


They aren't cheap but if you shop around you can save like $200 off a new one or $500 off if you get an Apple discount(they kike you on sales tax though...)
>> No. 46
thank you, I will be looking into getting one. They are pretty sleek.

File 143328497853.png - (38.46KB , 400x400 , wht02_400.png )
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Give me some specks of what would be considered a decent yet affordable gaming computer.
>> No. 36
1tb Western Digital HDD
8gb ram
Win 7 Home premium

>> No. 42
9 core arm bigMeDiUmLITTLE: 3*cortex+A8+3*qualcom Krait+3*Nvidia Denver
15000 RPM WD velociraptor or seagate cheetah + 64gb SSD + whatever you need for actual file storage

8GB GDDR5 system memory

Any PSU OEM'd from seasonic that's 350W+, 80+ CuSil

File 143335706111.jpg - (26.10KB , 620x349 , life-after-hacktivism-the-lulz-boat.jpg )
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interesting article I think

>> No. 38
Thank you, good read.

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