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File 143317996723.jpg - (25.48KB , 960x960 , FB_IMG_1433179903596.jpg )
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This thing is sexy. However I feel like they just recently dropped one. No?
>> No. 34
looks nice

File 142428698487.jpg - (23.37KB , 222x395 , 1904228_1075029835856355_7507404507047798065_n.jpg )
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lets get a computer mouse thread going. I use 3 different kinds 2 wired and one wireless. here is my first wired, its a R.A.T.3
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>> No. 27
File 143294681236.jpg - (13.15KB , 480x360 , CS300K_wCapRemoved_RGB[1].jpg )
Do digitizers count? I use pic related more often than I use a mouse.
>> No. 28
I always wanted one. Never knew anyone who used them. Recommend?
>> No. 32
I use an Apple mouse, a couple Logitechs and a Lenovo.

File 142982518129.jpg - (58.93KB , 604x739 , FB_IMG_1429715425256.jpg )
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This thing is legit as fuck!
>> No. 31
I prefer more professional looking cases. Fractal Design has some nice cases.

File 143285045967.jpg - (306.90KB , 1280x800 , LINUXCUBE.jpg )
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Holy shit, threading! It's like I'm on old slashdot again! Well, except for all the slashdotness.

I for one welcome our traditionally laid out overlords.
>> No. 23
I welcome whatever you welcome.

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