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File 143338881534.jpg - (2.36MB , 4000x3000 , IMG_0776.jpg )
39 No. 39
Anyone here a Macfag?
>> No. 40
I have one, but i only take it with me when i am on the road.
>> No. 41
What is that? A tower??
>> No. 43
yeah its the new mac pro
>> No. 44
Very interesting, might look into them.
>> No. 45
They have decent specs and are manufactured in USA. I can't recommend them enough.


They aren't cheap but if you shop around you can save like $200 off a new one or $500 off if you get an Apple discount(they kike you on sales tax though...)
>> No. 46
thank you, I will be looking into getting one. They are pretty sleek.

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