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File 143520035724.jpg - (91.12KB , 570x600 , 5570.jpg )
52 No. 52
Hey, I've got this old Galaxy Mini lying around. It's so ancient that it's powered by a 600Mhz(now OCed to 800) processor and has 280mb of RAM. Most of the newer apps don't even run on this phone.

I am running a minimal barebone ROM on it at the moment and I've been using it as an MP3 player for a while.

SO, do you know guys know any other practical ways to make use of such old android phones?
>> No. 53
All i have ever done with my old ones are, as you said use them as mp3. For anything that old, i'm not sure you could do much else.
>> No. 54
have you got any idea for newer phones?
>> No. 55
If you aren't going to use it as an actual phone anymore. Put some roms on it. Stream movies from that to chrome cast. Torrent on it. There's some decent things to do.
>> No. 56
have a Micromax Canvas HD too with a shattered screen, but other than that, everything works on it.

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