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File 143466787653.jpg - (103.81KB , 786x1017 , FB_IMG_1434579923075.jpg )
178 No. 178 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Is anyone going to the movie night that we were invited to by 8/intl/

Just seeing is anyone from nib will be present. The invitation was on b. For those who missed it.
>> No. 179
I probably will
>> No. 180
Seems like they will be streaming some good stuff. Amd if it's a real invite. And not some ploy to get our board un attended and raid us then it will be pretty neat.
>> No. 216
It's always a good time,generally a decent conversation in the chat if the movie's boring

File 143492757616.jpg - (24.14KB , 589x330 , flight plan man.jpg )
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What do you think of this guy?
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>> No. 212
A stale meme
>> No. 213
A hothead
>> No. 214

File 143486658875.gif - (534.72KB , 268x215 , butthurt.gif )
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Since 8chan has let go of watching this place and the raids on 8/intl/ have stopped... We need a battle plan to waste even more of their bandwith.
We've so far been successful: https://twitter.com/infinitechan/status/611898316830453761

>Create a board
>Max out the board options
>We get our spam bots to spam it with emojis and .webms that are maxed out
>Run a script to expand all images and refresh after about 3 minutes
>Run this all day and laugh as Cripplekike rages and begs his IRC and /b/ to raid 8/intl/ again
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>> No. 204
Well. If they would learn their place. We wpuld leave them alone. So long as they continue to mess with us we wil have ti return the favor.
>> No. 209
Everyone from /intl/ left but me.
>> No. 210
t. me

File 143464248787.jpg - (4.80KB , 252x200 , imgres.jpg )
164 No. 164 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Possible new president of the U.S how does this make you feel?
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>> No. 194
Hillary is my absolute fear. Would be the worst out of everyone.
>> No. 203
didnt she say that she would change the gun laws? surely thats more than a few votes lost.
>> No. 207
Not really since this only bothers those that wouldn't vote for her anyways.

File 143464320737.jpg - (60.69KB , 1500x500 , IMG_20150601_054328.jpg )
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Gooooood Newsssss /int/

I have just received a email with over half of the country nukes ready to go!!
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>> No. 175
>> No. 176

>> No. 184
Oh my. I think we should be scared guise.

File 143464016099.jpg - (28.37KB , 225x300 , oilmao.jpg )
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good to see the shitstorm is finally over
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>> No. 166
File 143464290098.jpg - (41.39KB , 500x492 , 1426378113533.jpg )
>YOu guys the ones who came and became active posters are cool!
T-thank you.
>> No. 168
its a literal cult of personality.
>> No. 169
No problem, i have actually been having fun with the stuff posted. It's sad to see that you guys had to be stuck in that shit hole for that long.

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