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File 143464016099.jpg - (28.37KB , 225x300 , oilmao.jpg )
153 No. 153
good to see the shitstorm is finally over
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>> No. 154
who is this qt
>> No. 155
I call him le oil man
>> No. 156
dude intl is always coming to int with that shit. It's annoying.
>> No. 157
I don't even know what's going on at 8chan anymore, that place is fucked
>> No. 158
They keep trying to go other places and fuck it up for everyone else. Like damn.. Stay in your shithole.
>> No. 159
I just hope shit calms down soon, at least we have those country nukes coming soon which should be pretty cool
>> No. 160
bruv it's not our fucken fault, we need somewhere to go when we're being pushed out
>> No. 162
No NO, not the refugees, i mean the people that come to raid. YOu guys the ones who came and became active posters are cool!
>> No. 163
Yes, every time i see the few nukes that are in place already i get super excited for that.
>> No. 166
File 143464290098.jpg - (41.39KB , 500x492 , 1426378113533.jpg )
>YOu guys the ones who came and became active posters are cool!
T-thank you.
>> No. 168
its a literal cult of personality.
>> No. 169
No problem, i have actually been having fun with the stuff posted. It's sad to see that you guys had to be stuck in that shit hole for that long.

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