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File 143525592540.jpg - (4.11KB , 184x184 , 61adec808bbebb7666486cfab2e056da70112042_full.jpg )
228 No. 228
I can start again at any time
>> No. 231
>> No. 232
And you can get banned at any time... Have a shit thread and i will contribute.... But make it one big thread.
>> No. 233
>> No. 234
Damnit, I want a cool flare, too.
>> No. 235
A flare??
>> No. 236
If you are talking about the Little Nuclear flag, i have just added your country. I have been adding them as i see the countries pop up here.
>> No. 237
Trying it out.
>> No. 238
if it does not show right away, give it some time. Cache is a bitch with the flags.
>> No. 239
Will sure try tomorrow if it does not show up today.
>> No. 244
>> No. 246
testing muh flag
>> No. 247
does not work
>> No. 251
clear your cache

I can see it

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