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File 143527820118.jpg - (184.17KB , 600x600 , tiny-house-in-the-trees-03.jpg )
241 No. 241
Thinking about building me a tiny house.
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>> No. 245
Do you have the knowledge to do it? If you don't I would recommend taking just the safety unit of competency specific to carpentry before you start.
>> No. 250

Also make sure you got the paperwork for your territory all good. There may be some laws regarding construction and such
>> No. 252
Yeah, i worked in carpentry for a while. It would take some time to get done alone. however i will most likely live in a camper till i finish building it.
>> No. 254
File 143536050773.jpg - (252.37KB , 900x675 , cottage-on-a-hill-11.jpg )
They can be pretty nice if built properly dude.
>> No. 255
draw us a simple plan
>> No. 258
Let me find my design, I want to do one on a trailer that way its not stuck in one place.

I had seen a design that i modified a tad. Maximum space for the size. Ill snap a pic and post.

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