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File 14329540378.png - (23.20KB , 331x386 , 1411441934012.png )
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Welcome to NIB's /k/ board which is centered around weapons of all kinds and innawoods survival. If you are new to this board read the sticky at

Our only rules are:
1. No cp
2. Before you post a thread use the catalog to make sure that one is not already up
3. No whining
4. Stay on the topic of the board

I will except new suggestions for rules and will add them.
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>> No. 64
I got 90 days last time.

File 143293293334.jpg - (30.26KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )
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Will be looking for Janitors for this board. If interested you can apply by sending an email here apply@66chan.pw

give us your

past experience if any at all
what board you want to janitor
a link to a post you made on said board.
and any other info you see fit.
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>> No. 57
I janitor on loli and would be willing to work here too.

File 143458833861.jpg - (272.09KB , 728x792 , got03.jpg )
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Post your go-to pistol, rifle and shotgun for when the shit hits the fan or when The Happening happens.
For me:
>SIG P220
>Winchester 1300
>> No. 78
my 380 pocket rocket,

and the judge. will snap some pics of them and upload.
>> No. 79
hopefully u aren't using a WASR
>> No. 80
That's a picture of a WASR. Like the first picture if you google WASR.

File 143416430394.jpg - (34.32KB , 768x923 , MOLLE-Assault-Pack.jpg )
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So /k/, what kind of backpacks do you have? I hav e an old, ucp, assault pack which has fared pretty well.
>> No. 75
I need to try and find the pic of the one I want.
>> No. 76
I used to have a WW2 or Korea era medic pack but now I use some euro milsurp bag.

File 143391003138.jpg - (141.79KB , 553x792 , 1991758235.jpg )
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hi 2nd /k/
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>> No. 70
so what guns do you have?
>> No. 71
deff a trap!
>> No. 72
>airsoft with what looks like sharpied over orange tip
Please tell me you are shitposting

File 143293243466.jpg - (1.94MB , 4000x3000 , IMG_0644.jpg )
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What guns do you have /k/?
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>> No. 65
That light is pretty bright.
>> No. 66
I think its one of those crazy lasers actually
>> No. 67
no its a German police LED Lenser torch

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