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File 14354169578.jpg - (116.81KB , 1000x616 , third.jpg )
78 No. 78 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
every ip gets one post every 24h
if you get >>'d you get another one
spend them wisely

cannot be invaded
r9k is old and busted
this is delicious cake
you must eat it
no fugspam

shitty mods
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>> No. 80
/f9g/? /f9k/? /fUg/? /7ug/? /7u6/? /fu6/?
>> No. 82
>> No. 83
fug is a shit meme that is a growing cancer on this site

File 143502136645.gif - (488.98KB , 400x246 , tumblr_mzeigtNzrU1slsf8ko1_400.gif )
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Tomorrow i will be bringing about our blog page. For now it will be a one post type blog. That way it stays fast. The date that the blog was posted and the content of the rant or whatever it is... For now, i'm not saying that eventually we won't move to a word press based blog. Just for now this will do. it will take the place of the ban page. so that will be going away, as well as the /sc/ board. Just wanted to come by /meta/ and let you guys know what was going on.

File 14346582767.png - (114.27KB , 687x664 , 1434654141473-0.png )
43 No. 43 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
can we do something about the ban list? it seems insecure because it shows people's IPs, they're probably all proxies at the moment anyway but it could become an issue
pic related
>> No. 44
They were banned for a reason. So it's open for other chans to view that those ip's need to be blocked.
>> No. 55
No theres a lot of accidental bans on the record here.
>> No. 61
Yes, please fix that. People don't want to post because they're afraid of their IPs being shown. Also it seems mostly pointless and removes anonymity.

File 143467517396.jpg - (7.95KB , 200x157 , 143467424878s.jpg )
54 No. 54 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Please remove the "no doxing girls" rule on /i/
>> No. 56
File 14346752458.jpg - (121.60KB , 1373x1080 , 143467424878.jpg )
Sorry saved a thumbnail.
>> No. 57
Those are the rules for /loli/ and please don't go harassing lolis.
>> No. 58
Do you even lurk bro?

Go to I. Screen shot it. Show us where these rules are in play

File 143365616837.png - (7.98KB , 249x268 , Black_flag_waving.png )
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want to mod this board? email me apply@66chan.pw
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>> No. 51
>> No. 52
Thanks man
>> No. 53
Np. It's been hell the past couple of days. Thanks for being understanding

File 143417835853.jpg - (156.59KB , 620x497 , td142_lord.jpg )
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Late night post, but i just got in. i have merged Graphic Design and Digital Art to DD (Digital Design)

We had a rouge admin that was not understanding on how to delete just one post, so he was actually deleting all post by ip which is why you guys may have lost a post or two. Needless to say, He is no longer with us...

This means we will really be going through a full interview, or at least get to know/train the person better for their duties.

you can still apply for a position, Just say what and for what board. Right now i will tell you that Janitor positions need to be filled. So send an email to apply@66chan.pw
>> No. 36
Can I handle new janitors for /loli/ personally? I know a lot of people that worked as staff on 8chan boards. And do we share usernames and passwords for boards or do you want everyone to have a seperate account?

File 143330775646.jpg - (87.49KB , 736x726 , 0aa66f6952528ba4ed12371e19ef5110.jpg )
1 No. 1 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Can we work on getting a new set of rules?


This sounds like a copy of 4chan and goes against most of chan culture.
>> No. 22
can we fix the god damned filter????

I'm b& again...
>> No. 23
Fuck! Idk why it keeps saying that your ip is posting a blacklisted link. I have removed the ban. And tomorrow as soon as I get home I'll look into it. I'm on the road currently. Sorry about that dude. I saw it was a legit post.

File 143354737414.jpg - (696.52KB , 2610x798 , high scores.jpg )
4 No. 4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Boards seem to be moving awfully slowly. It's a bit of a mindfuck seeing stuff on an IB linger around so long. How about frying out fusing together a few boards, if any combinations just make sense?
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>> No. 6
However I am open to hear suggestions on which boards to merge.
>> No. 7
Nope, I'm used to the pace of 420chan, and even then I don't go to "sexuality discussion", with it having posts still there from half a year ago.

I don't know, I'd perhaps say something like retro video games and traditional (board) games, but that would be if there was a demand for those over here ... or as another example, artwork and music, since music normally has significant amounts of promotional imagery anyway, but there's nothing I feel strongly about for a serious suggestion.
>> No. 8
A lot of the boards can go, especially ones that aren't normally popular. But keep the wrestling one. Seems like it might take off.

File 143335188438.png - (35.76KB , 453x263 , 1433252780057.png )
2 No. 2 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
A belgian hacker I know suggests should get https for privacy. Can we do that.

'no but the worst part is that nuclear-ib's https is functional but the web design is so bad you need to force it everywhere'

pic unrelated
>> No. 3
it's still new. Give them time.

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