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File 143365616837.png - (7.98KB , 249x268 , Black_flag_waving.png )
13 No. 13
want to mod this board? email me apply@66chan.pw
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>> No. 14
I'm the janitor from /loli/ I'd be up for globally moderating NIB.
>> No. 15
I will probably add you to a few more boards, since i do see you on more often than other mods. Also thank you.
>> No. 19
Can we have banners on here? It gives the boards more culture.
>> No. 20
like the one that's in v?
>> No. 21
Also if you guys make some and send it my way, ill size them and put them up.
>> No. 24
Yeah that one looks good. Would be cool to have nuclear IB on it somewhere though.

Also what dimensions and whats a good program to crop and resize images(I no longer have photoshop...)
>> No. 25
i'd say 300x100 so long as its not over that would be good. I'll accept all submissions.

also if you want i have a portable single .exe of Photoshop that i can upload.
>> No. 26
I need it for OSX.
>> No. 27
shit, i could probably get it for you. It just wouldn't be portable.
>> No. 28
If you get it I can produce some original content.
>> No. 29
that's enough incentive for me. Give me a sec. Ill download it. Then put it in f. But ill come back here and link you.
>> No. 30
I'll get it later tonight after work.
>> No. 31
ok, so it was too large for /f/ put it here. enjoy, its ps6 extended edition.

>> No. 32
File 143417072520.png - (1.15MB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot_2015-06-12-23-43-55.png )
I'm using this as a banner.
>> No. 34
Can we get some flags in /int/? It would be nice.
>> No. 35

Please, admin.
>> No. 37
I got something of this nature coming soon.
>> No. 38
Hey, have you received my first shipment of country nukes? Asking because my mail provider is having some troubles recently and I'm not sure if mails come through.

Missing American countries are in work now.
>> No. 39
That i did not. Did you try sending them to apply@66chan.pw.

Because i too was having troubles with email. However its ok now.
>> No. 40
Okay I've sent on this mail.

I'll get back to it and finish it some time this weekend.
>> No. 41
Awesome i will go check it now!
>> No. 42
there's a couple of non-countries in because they have their own top level domains btw
>> No. 45
Is the irc down?
>> No. 46
You can still get to it from rizon just put #NIB in the channel box. I'll relink it later on. Just getting things stable right now
>> No. 47
Ok cool. By the way with the restore I lost janitor privileges for /b/ /pol/ and /int/
>> No. 48
What was your main board that you were janitoring on?
>> No. 49
>> No. 50
CS and me were reenacting the Battle of Britain against the spammer this morning... You should give us mod powers to be able to lock things down next time we are getting flooded.
>> No. 51
>> No. 52
Thanks man
>> No. 53
Np. It's been hell the past couple of days. Thanks for being understanding

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