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File 143417835853.jpg - (156.59KB , 620x497 , td142_lord.jpg )
33 No. 33
Late night post, but i just got in. i have merged Graphic Design and Digital Art to DD (Digital Design)

We had a rouge admin that was not understanding on how to delete just one post, so he was actually deleting all post by ip which is why you guys may have lost a post or two. Needless to say, He is no longer with us...

This means we will really be going through a full interview, or at least get to know/train the person better for their duties.

you can still apply for a position, Just say what and for what board. Right now i will tell you that Janitor positions need to be filled. So send an email to apply@66chan.pw
>> No. 36
Can I handle new janitors for /loli/ personally? I know a lot of people that worked as staff on 8chan boards. And do we share usernames and passwords for boards or do you want everyone to have a seperate account?

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