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File 143354737414.jpg - (696.52KB , 2610x798 , high scores.jpg )
4 No. 4
Boards seem to be moving awfully slowly. It's a bit of a mindfuck seeing stuff on an IB linger around so long. How about frying out fusing together a few boards, if any combinations just make sense?
>> No. 5
Nah, man. You're just use to gay ass 4 Chan and all of it's faggotry. Boards here move slow because it's a small community. But that's OK, it calls for some decent post with decent quality.
>> No. 6
However I am open to hear suggestions on which boards to merge.
>> No. 7
Nope, I'm used to the pace of 420chan, and even then I don't go to "sexuality discussion", with it having posts still there from half a year ago.

I don't know, I'd perhaps say something like retro video games and traditional (board) games, but that would be if there was a demand for those over here ... or as another example, artwork and music, since music normally has significant amounts of promotional imagery anyway, but there's nothing I feel strongly about for a serious suggestion.
>> No. 8
A lot of the boards can go, especially ones that aren't normally popular. But keep the wrestling one. Seems like it might take off.

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