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Working to fix that nasty white background in replies.

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File 148455337345.jpg - (511.57KB , 1080x1920 , Snapchat-2051620939.jpg )
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Oh shit

File 147597406385.jpg - (352.08KB , 1920x1080 , maxresdefault.jpg )
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Modern infect build, super legit. Can get a win in 3 turns with the right pull!
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>> No. 37
Very interesting, might have to build this one out.
>> No. 38
Just looks like a huge artifact puller.
>> No. 39
Oh it is, I built it in cockatrice and gave it a few test runs, straight pulled instances on one hand twice. Ill share the video when it hits my youtube.

File 143223060950.jpg - (10.75KB , 190x265 , Griselbrand.jpg )
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currently building my all black deck. it's gonna start off very simple. Until i can find the right number of things that i want. And also cards. I am open to suggestions. Here is what i have so far. Will keep the list updated here as i go.

Really looking for some good low cost death touch creatures. I have some super high cost creatures. for ideas.

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>> No. 31
I'd this is casual, Hymn to Tourach and Hyonitic Spectre will make your friends hate you.
>> No. 32
I have 2 vampire nighthawks in it it's one of my favorites.
>> No. 33
Yeah its just to play against my friends with. I'll look into those two cards.

File 143468321426.jpg - (41.82KB , 442x442 , House_dimir_crest.jpg )
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This board's theme needs to change. I feel like I'm in the 90's again.

On another note
>Which is best guild and why

>Not picking blue/black
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>> No. 27
All black is my shit
>> No. 28
The boards text also needs to be on the left margin and not set to the middle
>> No. 29
>all black
Oh hey satan

File 143283849878.jpg - (161.19KB , 619x280 , mtgdotp15.jpg )
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Does anyone play the "duels of the planeswalker" games on here?
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>> No. 22
Confirmed, i have Magic 2014 on steam
>> No. 23
Did you play it a lot?
>> No. 24
When I first got it I wpuld play a couple games a day. I haven't touched it much lately. However I did go out and get me some fate reforged cards. Working on a new all black deck build currently.

File 143283367644.jpg - (3.87MB , 5312x2988 , 20150528_115500.jpg )
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Considering adding this to my black deck. Opinions?

File 143198618150.jpg - (70.75KB , 301x414 , mtg_alteration__cthulhu_by_kilinokitten-d4ru1b3.jpg )
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I've been real Into custom art cards lately. I'll post a few of my favorites.
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>> No. 10
File 143199298425.jpg - (183.05KB , 900x423 , 3_card_alter.jpg )
Oh wow! a 3 card edit
>> No. 11
Well dudes, i have placed a bid on this card!!!! waiting now.
>> No. 12
Won the card! Once it comes in. I'll be putting it in my all black deck.

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