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File 143283849878.jpg - (161.19KB , 619x280 , mtgdotp15.jpg )
18 No. 18
Does anyone play the "duels of the planeswalker" games on here?
>> No. 19
I have one of the games of steam think its 2014

i've been playing on the magic workstation lately. really cool and lets you build any deck you want.
>> No. 20
How does it work? What do you have to pay for? Is it worth it?
>> No. 21
I am actually still learning it and magic in general to be honest.

you can download it for free. and still do everything on it including build full decks and play online with people.

take a look
>> No. 22
Confirmed, i have Magic 2014 on steam
>> No. 23
Did you play it a lot?
>> No. 24
When I first got it I wpuld play a couple games a day. I haven't touched it much lately. However I did go out and get me some fate reforged cards. Working on a new all black deck build currently.

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