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File 143295094833.png - (160.32KB , 921x936 , kolovrat.png )
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Aah, the first post on /pol/. Lets start with chan culture and how chans decline in quality.

A board is created due to necessity. it starts with a small group of diehard posters, and the discussion is of very high quality. Anons are easily able to get ideas across and communicate with each other. As more people flood into a board, it becomes harder to talk and get ideas across because of the sheer amount of posts. Thus, instead of providing facts to back up ideas, people say, "lurk more" or something to that effect. For a while, it has little noticed effect on quality. There is enough discussion going on to fill in the lurkers to what they'd missed. More anons come.

This cycle continues on and on and on...

There is a saying, "trolling on /b/ is like pissing in an ocean of piss." There is too much shit posted to keep up, so everyone resorts to simple, vague answers to keep up. It is a never ending cycle that eventually results in the board devolving into a shit flinging contest. This is why chans head down the path they do.
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>> No. 64
If we get big yes.
>> No. 65
> tech-savy white males that don't like to spend much

Not all of us are tightwads.
>> No. 94
File 15000401739.png - (244.83KB , 6400x3600 , uncle_sam_kekistan_needs_you_small.png )
nice image, tho

File 143543449632.jpg - (962.39KB , 760x1111 , 1415057295822.jpg )
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ITT post /pol/ approved media (movies, anime, video games etc.)

Pic related is an obvious example; the most traditionalist video game series ever made.

Also, who is your favorite Touhou, and why do you hate kikes?
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>> No. 91
File 143547148171.jpg - (50.73KB , 800x600 , 1433466844966.jpg )
I'm sorry, it just had to be. What if the 88 get had fallen to some filthy kike or gommunist? It'd be like 1945 all over again.

Also, cuckchan a shit.
>> No. 92
It's not much better this way tbh
>muh gommies
>muh kikes
Unless you're legitimately afraid of their bullshit (in which case get the fuck out), you shouldn't worry because you can just brush it off in one or two replies.

Muh strong womyn leads.
>> No. 93
Aww m8 just lighten up a bit. If you want a super serious /pol/ version yuo can alway go to 8ch.

>Muh strong womyn leads.
Its not like there are ideological reasons behind this.

Also your welcome to answer my OP instead of metaposting if you want tto contribute to this board.

File 143535909345.jpg - (105.53KB , 631x433 , London.jpg )
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>About 100 Muslim demonstrators burned an American flag outside the U.S. embassy in London Sunday during a moment of silence to mark the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.
when muslims immigrate to a new country, they are set on bringing islam's set of rules with them.
>> No. 86
That's why no one wants their sand nigger asses in their country..
>> No. 87
File 143537945134.jpg - (70.34KB , 720x553 , 1432862638721.jpg )
whenever they fuck up they try and push the same victim narrative as the fembots

File 143466705775.jpg - (91.66KB , 780x440 , Dylan-Storm-Roof.jpg )
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I'm gonna put my tinfoil hat on for a second.

This shooting in Charleston is strange to me. Right when the liberals were starting to split due to radical feminism, trans-racial legitimacy, civilian gun-control vs.police militarization this perfect young, white male, who hates blacks being in this country comes along and shoots up a church. A church. Not a street corner, not a NAACP meeting, not a Black Panther gathering, not a Black Lives Matter protest. He shoots up the ONE place where he would be universally condemned for it.
He also seems to be a supporter of Rhodesia, judging by his jacket (could easily be photoshop). The media is already trying to link him to /k/ on 4chan, due to /k/'s obsession with FAL's and shorts.

This shooting just seems to perfect to me. The timing, the shooter, the targets, the connections the media are trying to make. This is an event that will simultaneously be used to attack the the 1st and 2nd Amendment and to further demonize young white men in this country.

I could be completely wrong in my suspicions, and this could just be a lone fuck up that is retarded enough to damage his own "cause". Or maybe he was trying to bait the country into a race war. But I still think that it is strange. Especially how quickly there was an attempt to connect Dylan Roof to /k/. Even though 4chan is pretty well known online and IRL, the individual cultures of each board are pretty unique, and to learn them would take awhile, unless you already have been learning about them in the hopes of being able to draw connections with future events.

>Article connecting shooter with /k/:
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>> No. 82
It lends credibility to them when they speak about how they are oppressed.
>> No. 83
Sauce on photo? And it's because conservatives are always seen as racist rednecks, or rich white people now.
>> No. 84
Nikita aka "Princess Fatale"

File 143413454477.png - (34.20KB , 809x808 , 1432068637959.png )
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I did nothing wrong. The holocaust never happened, jews did WTC. How do I know? I'm a god, that's why.

The jews killed my son and somehow got away with it. I have hardly any control of the world anymore thanks to satan being a fucking nigger and nerfing my class. Satan worshippers are basically jew worshippers and that faggot still hasn't said sorry.

Fucking kikes. I can't even get beer in heaven anymore because we're low on supplies and having an economic depression over here.

I don't even have my god tier PC anymore. Sold it for food and I'm using a shitty poverty station in my old basement. (Rented my house to become some brothel)

BTW, My girlfriend left me yesterday for satan, and my son never made it home. Just wanted to tell you guys that hitler was our last try to make things better, and I failed you. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a rope waiting.
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>> No. 28
he killed himself. That's why he lost.
>> No. 66
lel god's a cuck
>not Israel
>not Satan
>> No. 78
How many people make it to heaven now days?

File 143413664072.png - (659.01KB , 1198x2080 , 1415585014876.png )
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Catholic General

Orthodox bros when are we going to be reunited?
Copts welcomed too.
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>> No. 42
i told this theory to my stoned friends, blew their mind. Of course i loose a little credit because they were high. But i do like it.
>> No. 53
Well meteroid "seeding" of organism has been discussed as possiblity by scientists before
>> No. 54
i mean it's fairly logical if you get super deep into thinking about it.

> in b4 stoner

File 143413585511.png - (137.78KB , 2052x1414 , Partition_of_the_Roman_Empire_in_395_AD.png )
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So is this place suppose to reunite the east and west /pol/ again?
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>> No. 31

Like what are talking. How /pol/ was when it was started or are going back /new/ or /n/?
>> No. 36
I'm from /new/.
>> No. 38
i've never really lurked in pol so this is all new to me.

File 143334848273.png - (140.47KB , 590x589 , Anti_America_jpg.png )
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What is /pol/'s thoughts on this video?

>> No. 13
File 143337201364.jpg - (91.87KB , 680x607 , 200% American.jpg )
my groove!
really tho, it's Korean propaganda. I didn't understand half of that shit, tbh (because it was Korean and it was nonsense.)
Pic semi-related
>> No. 14
This video and the crude DPRK one bring attention to the massacres USA did in Korea in the 50s.

>> No. 19
Haters gonna hate. USA is still best, muh guns and freedom of speech.

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