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File 143295094833.png - (160.32KB , 921x936 , kolovrat.png )
1 No. 1
Aah, the first post on /pol/. Lets start with chan culture and how chans decline in quality.

A board is created due to necessity. it starts with a small group of diehard posters, and the discussion is of very high quality. Anons are easily able to get ideas across and communicate with each other. As more people flood into a board, it becomes harder to talk and get ideas across because of the sheer amount of posts. Thus, instead of providing facts to back up ideas, people say, "lurk more" or something to that effect. For a while, it has little noticed effect on quality. There is enough discussion going on to fill in the lurkers to what they'd missed. More anons come.

This cycle continues on and on and on...

There is a saying, "trolling on /b/ is like pissing in an ocean of piss." There is too much shit posted to keep up, so everyone resorts to simple, vague answers to keep up. It is a never ending cycle that eventually results in the board devolving into a shit flinging contest. This is why chans head down the path they do.
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>> No. 2
It still begs the question, 4chan may not have always been as high speed as it is now, but it had at some point in the past high speeds and quality content on a mass scale. I believe that the decay of imageboards is inevitable, but what speeds up the decay is moderation.

Most people still don't realize this, but moderation is the true cancer. You might ask, doesn't it keep cancer out? You couldn't be farther from the truth. You see, the rest of the internet only feels safe on an imageboard when it is like every other website. The ridiculous shit early 4chan users had to put up with is what kept normal people out and great posters in. The rest of the internet didn't feel safe to post on 4chan until it went crazy with moderation.

Moderation dealt the final blow to chan culture, I think. Normalfags hate things like spam, derailings, etc.. but in truth that's all part of the experience. If you want a sterile, always on-topic environment, you should take your ass to Reddit.

I'll probably get disagreed with but as long as I have the ability to speak my mind, I will. It's all cyclical anyways.
>> No. 3
So basically you scare the cancer away by letting people post whatever they want on your board. Once you start to limit what people can post, it makes other people feel ok as if they wont see something like gore for example. I see what you are saying.
>> No. 4
I agree but the thing is, in order to have no moderation you have to have posters that understand the culture and will moderate themselves appropriately which just can't happen now a days with so much cancer on the internet. Currently most of these boards don't even have janitors, which is only working because the people here are quality posters who can self moderate.
>> No. 5
Very true. I think loli and k have Janitors currently.
>> No. 6
Of course, I'm not denying that we have gotten soft and most users have no idea how to keep cancer out without running to the mods. But you have to understand that there is very few places left on the internet making an original culture because such things really only arise in a lawless environment. Furthermore, most mods are far from perfect and won't meet your ideals anyway.

Eventually outsiders WILL overwhelm the majority and ruin everything that was built, it's only a matter of when. 4chan lasting for so many years was a miracle. But the first thing all of us self-aware anons need to do is follow this wise poem:

When I was a young man, I wanted to change the world.

I found it was difficult to change the world, so I tried to change my nation.

When I found I couldn't change the nation, I began to focus on my town. I couldn't change the town and as an older man, I tried to change my family.

Now, as an old man, I realize the only thing I can change is myself, and suddenly I realize that if long ago I had changed myself, I could have made an impact on my family. My family and I could have made an impact on our town. Their impact could have changed the nation and I could indeed have changed the world.

This is very applicable to imageboards, as well as to life and society. Work on yourself before anything, and then you will find a community that you love and hopefully others will help you build it up. You'll learn how to self-moderate and others will, and eventually you'll have something worthwhile. That's all we can do for now.
>> No. 7
I'm willing to work as a janitor on here. I was an active poster on 4chon /new/.
>> No. 8
knowyourmeme is the death of the chans imo.

Replacing lurking with just reading something made by someone who has no idea what they're talking about.
>>1 totally agree
>> No. 9
Yeah the advent of sites like KYM has brought nothing good to chan or internet culture everyone can agree on that.
>> No. 10
KYM can be a useful resource sometimes.
>> No. 12

except for this guy...

I hope ur joking
>> No. 16
I only started channing in late 2011. KYM is good for stuff I didn't get.
>> No. 17
I just want to bring about a sense of "OldFashion" channing here. How long will we be able to keep the cancer away? That's a good question.
>> No. 21
At times when I barely use chans for months due to exams or vacations KYM used to be a good resource to be updated without having to ask anyone.
>> No. 22
Hello Admin and thanks for joining the conversation. I'm from 8chan's /pol/ and there is some shit going on and there may be an exodus. Please look into what is happening to protect your own site.
>> No. 26
go on
>> No. 29
Please elaborate?
>> No. 33
File 143413687158.jpg - (1.87MB , 2800x2700 , 1433661854257.jpg )
Well for one there have been rabbid leftists and liberals who have removed 8chan's ability to fund itself effectively by petitioning sites like gofundme and gratipay to no longer service him. There are many concerted efforts by many groups to tear apart 8chan and I can't begin to explain this fully. Here are a few links to look at and I encourage you guys to lurk there for the next few days to see what happens. I for one want a place for completely free political speech (minus CP and other lawbreaking) without spam. Shitposting and jokes happen and are part of chan culture, but many people are trying to bend the fundamental rules of chans to essentially spam 8chan out of bandwidth funds. On top of all of this Reddit recently had a fallout and their staff decided to ban "harrassing" subreddits like /r/fatpeoplehate causing lots of new users to 8chan. Our site owner is getting so stressed and can't really say where the website will go.


Also check out 8chan's meta, operate, and int boards to get the scoop as it develops.
>> No. 37
Maybe he should stop being a pussy, get a job, fund the site out of his own pocket instead of counting on his users. and actually ban the shit posters?

however i'll be watching just to see.
>> No. 40
I have no problem funding 8ch when ever it has an eternal pedo thread on /b/ again. I send donations to sites and orgs because I get a lot from them. If you enjoy something you should help keep it funded.
>> No. 43
The owner of 8chan is bound to a wheelchair and his bones break if you poke him. He can't do much of anything.
>> No. 44
True, but i would never expect my users to give me anything. If they choose too that's on them. I will just put it into the site. if not its still fairly sound. you come into the image board business knowing that eventually you will have to deal with. High Bandwidth, shit posters, cp. Its just the nature of it all. Gotta be prepared. He fucked himself by doing that q&a over at reddit. That's whats drawing them all in. I've turned down alot of blog request for a word. I want to keep this active, but a hidden gem. It will prove to be harder than it sounds.
>> No. 45
I'm not bashing the guy. He does his thing there. I do my thing here. I'm just saying, always have a backup plan for your creations.
>> No. 46
If you put up a PO Box I'll send in a donation.
>> No. 47
In due time ill have that all set up. Know that even just the offer is Highly appreciated.
>> No. 48
Why are they doing this?
>> No. 49
Theres people out there that want to control the internet and chans are an enemy.
>> No. 50
So it's not just some little kids in a basement? You mean like government? Or people working for bigger sites?
>> No. 51
In the old days chans fucked with the internet. Govs and groups like feminists took notice. Now they are organised and out to ruin chans. Also its been documented that special interest groups target boards like /new/(rip) and /pol/.
>> No. 52
Fuck. So in due time it will come here?
>> No. 55
File 143416437661.jpg - (151.94KB , 960x714 , monkey ladder.jpg )
I'm afraid so. It's a catch-22. In order to generate OC and keep the whole experience fresh, there needs to be a somewhat steady income of users that contribute to the whole chan culture. But therein lies a problem. How can a newfag contribute without fsgging it up?

It's like a modified dilemma/social experiment of the monkey/electrocuted banana experiment.

By posting stupid/funny shit either sincerely/ironically/whatever will bring in retards that do nothing but that, whereas if you get too serious/specific with your topics though hardcore moderation, it will alienate the users.

Above all, sites need shekels to survive, and considering that the core userbase of chans are tech-savy white males that don't like to spend much, it makes sense why a lot of mainstream social sites (facebook, reddit, tumblr, etc) support SJWs even when they harass/bully folks. Don't think they're doing it cause they share the same agenda, no. The folks in power are capitalists and see that these fucktards buy overpriced commodities, blog/post about it, and share links which generate more money. They're a cash cow!
>> No. 56
I just hope it takes a while to get here. Amd it by some chance it misses us. Then so be it
>> No. 57
File 143416493282.jpg - (38.87KB , 424x532 , bobo's hot monkey cum.jpg )
And here's some monkey dick, cause why the fuck not?
>> No. 58
Well, as far as I can see, the crisis mainly seems to be limited to a few boards, but I wouldn't be surprised if it spread. I've been lurking a few smaller boards for months now on 8ch (namely /32/) but nothing ever really seems to come from the chans.

Our last big political movement was the chanology movement, and that was 7 fucking years ago. A lot of the alphabet agencies and companies and other organizations saw us as a threat, but learned from us and decided to co-op a bunch of social engineering to sway people to a certain direction. But now they're worried that they might've pushed them too far.

At any rate, the whole system (the internet) is a mess and has been fucking with our brains across 2 generations now.
>> No. 59
You're talking about different styles of social sites? Like facebook and twitter? Because I really don't see why that ever became more popular over forums and image boards.
>> No. 60
Well, forums and image boards as we know it go back to the BBS days (which ironically, from what I have gathered, was centered in a small area offline). Now, The Well was one of the first sites that required you to use your real name when registering, and they were rather influential in the early days of the web, and they still are to some extent. But as the internet matured, companies saw that there could be money in them tubes and invested in online stores and the like. Then the tech bubble happened in the very early 2000's and the web stagnated for a while. During that time, forums and culture sites (SA, 4chan, Gaia Online, Albino Black Sheep, Ebaum's world, etc) was expanding. The only site I know of that had ties to your IRL personality back then was livejournal and, and even that was a maybe.

Around... 2005, 2006, Myspace started blossoming and FB was starting to spread across college campuses. From these sites, fugging normies may have entered the internet for the very first time. These sites (I'll call them third generation social media sites?) saw that there was an unbelievable untapped resource hidden in these masses: their own data in the form of their habits. And from there, we now have entire corners of the web that pander to ultra specific habits/beliefs/ideas/behavior (which has always existed to an extent online), but with the ability to track them and cater to their needs by managing what they want to see and click.

And here we are now. In short, it's more profitable to manipulate and direct the feed so that it caters to your internal beliefs/biases than to have anonymous/semi anonymous sites where literally anything goes. That is probably why chans and sites from the second generation of the internet have failed/stagnated/fallen into obscurity.
>> No. 61
Also what I've noticed is that most people who go on these social media sites don't know how extensive the internet is past facebook and google. I mean there are tons of sites and communities you cannot find easily and there is the dark net that is huge compared to the clearnet. So far it is a good thing that they have not figured this out, take 8chan for example, when all of the normal people found out the site was attacked, and no funding sites wanted to support it.
>> No. 63
File 143417872334.png - (492.67KB , 1640x2368 , whitepriv.png )
33 here.

Because every last bit of media is liberal / jewish owned and the power of 4chan lead to memes people all know today. The youth use 4chan / 8chan, chans in general and will be the people of tomorrow who influence the world. These types of people argue political points all day and discuss things they can't in real life. Channers design normie edible propaganda about bullshit going on. Complete free speech. They want to stamp out all dissent. That's the babby tier explanation. It all depends on how deep behind the curtain you want to look.

Next time you watching television PROGRAMMING watch out for the anti-male, especially anti-white male (all commercials seem to have a black man/white woman while most depictions of white males are blubbering ugly fat fools), undermining of parental authority within their household (kid's shows make the parents seem like big goofs)
>> No. 64
If we get big yes.
>> No. 65
> tech-savy white males that don't like to spend much

Not all of us are tightwads.
>> No. 94
File 15000401739.png - (244.83KB , 6400x3600 , uncle_sam_kekistan_needs_you_small.png )
nice image, tho

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