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File 143413454477.png - (34.20KB , 809x808 , 1432068637959.png )
23 No. 23
I did nothing wrong. The holocaust never happened, jews did WTC. How do I know? I'm a god, that's why.

The jews killed my son and somehow got away with it. I have hardly any control of the world anymore thanks to satan being a fucking nigger and nerfing my class. Satan worshippers are basically jew worshippers and that faggot still hasn't said sorry.

Fucking kikes. I can't even get beer in heaven anymore because we're low on supplies and having an economic depression over here.

I don't even have my god tier PC anymore. Sold it for food and I'm using a shitty poverty station in my old basement. (Rented my house to become some brothel)

BTW, My girlfriend left me yesterday for satan, and my son never made it home. Just wanted to tell you guys that hitler was our last try to make things better, and I failed you. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a rope waiting.
>> No. 25
Hitler did everything wrong, thats why he lost the war.
>> No. 28
he killed himself. That's why he lost.
>> No. 66
lel god's a cuck
>not Israel
>not Satan
>> No. 78
How many people make it to heaven now days?

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