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File 143413664072.png - (659.01KB , 1198x2080 , 1415585014876.png )
30 No. 30
Catholic General

Orthodox bros when are we going to be reunited?
Copts welcomed too.
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>> No. 32
i believe in space.. Is that the bananas tier?
>> No. 34
File 143413733039.gif - (159.10KB , 400x503 , St-Augustine.gif )
Define space.

If you mean in the sense of Albert Einstein,Michio Kaku, Carl Sagan. Who don't believe is specific God but have an aprecian of the divine. Then no

Or if you totally reject the even the possibility of God and deam any argument for his existence (both philosophical and scientific) absurd and not worth discussing. Then yes. Total bannas

Side note: love how athiest circle jerk over Carl Sagan, yet he a great admiration for Christianity and even stated that he was spiritual.
>> No. 35
I mean, the belief that we arrived from asteroids, but another human race made these specific asteroids with the organisms needed to create everything we see here. Why? perhaps they were facing an impending doom on their planet. and the only way to save the race was to put micro organisms on asteroids and hurl them at the nearest planet that had the most relateable atmosphere to theirs.
>> No. 39
I hope Islamic State dominates the Vatican. It was pretty shitty when the new pope said pedophilia was a sin.
>> No. 41
I have no idea im at loss. David icke tier maybe?
>> No. 42
i told this theory to my stoned friends, blew their mind. Of course i loose a little credit because they were high. But i do like it.
>> No. 53
Well meteroid "seeding" of organism has been discussed as possiblity by scientists before
>> No. 54
i mean it's fairly logical if you get super deep into thinking about it.

> in b4 stoner

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