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File 143466705775.jpg - (91.66KB , 780x440 , Dylan-Storm-Roof.jpg )
67 No. 67
I'm gonna put my tinfoil hat on for a second.

This shooting in Charleston is strange to me. Right when the liberals were starting to split due to radical feminism, trans-racial legitimacy, civilian gun-control vs.police militarization this perfect young, white male, who hates blacks being in this country comes along and shoots up a church. A church. Not a street corner, not a NAACP meeting, not a Black Panther gathering, not a Black Lives Matter protest. He shoots up the ONE place where he would be universally condemned for it.
He also seems to be a supporter of Rhodesia, judging by his jacket (could easily be photoshop). The media is already trying to link him to /k/ on 4chan, due to /k/'s obsession with FAL's and shorts.

This shooting just seems to perfect to me. The timing, the shooter, the targets, the connections the media are trying to make. This is an event that will simultaneously be used to attack the the 1st and 2nd Amendment and to further demonize young white men in this country.

I could be completely wrong in my suspicions, and this could just be a lone fuck up that is retarded enough to damage his own "cause". Or maybe he was trying to bait the country into a race war. But I still think that it is strange. Especially how quickly there was an attempt to connect Dylan Roof to /k/. Even though 4chan is pretty well known online and IRL, the individual cultures of each board are pretty unique, and to learn them would take awhile, unless you already have been learning about them in the hopes of being able to draw connections with future events.

>Article connecting shooter with /k/:
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>> No. 68
Dude, of course they will try and tack some kind of race related bs to this. It is wayyyy to perfect not to. Thus furthing the already shit hole that we live in.
>> No. 69
But do you think this was just a coincidence or was there some sort of foul-play by those with political or social engineering interests?
>> No. 70
File 143467271198.jpg - (44.34KB , 750x626 , FB_IMG_1434672665290.jpg )
Dudes look at this. It's gonna be a huge race shit.
>> No. 71
The fucked up part is that there are gonna be a lot of people making money off of this by fundraising and getting speaking engagements (Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for starters). And they don't even care that they are tearing apart this country. They only care about their ego and their money.

>Let the race baiting begin.
>> No. 72
Is that really what they do to make money???
>> No. 73
Sharpton charges about $50,000 for speaking engagements (along with first class air travel and 4-5 star hotels). But he seems to reduce his rate when speaking at public colleges to $25,000 (at least at OSU & CSCC).
He also allegedly gets paid to keep his mouth shut about racism:

Jesse Jackson on the other hand earns $120,000 per year from his "groups and organizations" along with undisclosed sums for speaking engagements.
But with a net worth of $10 Million, he must be making serious money from those speaking engagements.
>> No. 74
Well fuck, the question I suppose os why aren't I doing this to get paid.
>> No. 75
I think about that too.

It would be really easy to side with some SJW bullshit and start fundraising (like Anita Sarkeesian). The only things that stop me from doing it is that:
>I would feel guilty about making this country a shittier place
>I wouldn't want to be a public figure/recognizable (Imagine how much gamer jizz Anita has ingested unknowingly while eating out)
>> No. 76
It's a black flag. They are trying to divert our attention away from the fact that Russia is going to fuck us up from breaking NATO treaties.
>> No. 77
the whole left are trying to pin this as a crime of the right wing to further themselves.
>> No. 79
File 143487484946.jpg - (18.39KB , 236x355 , 1432674981399.jpg )
Have they actually found anything that links Dylan Roof to the "right-wing"?

The media immediately assumes that if someone is racist then they must be conservative.
>> No. 80
the leftists always have the victim card on their side, right wing never have this because they are always the establishment.
>> No. 81
I don't understand when it became a good thing/beneficial to be a victim, but it has.
And this has created the current phenomena of tumblr retards that are trans, gender fluid, pansexual, fish-kin with bi-polar disorder and OCD. It has become a competition to be the a part of the smallest minority, just so you can demand special treatment.Ans it has gone so far that if you call them on their bullshit you can get fired or have your reputation ruined by the media.
>> No. 82
It lends credibility to them when they speak about how they are oppressed.
>> No. 83
Sauce on photo? And it's because conservatives are always seen as racist rednecks, or rich white people now.
>> No. 84
Nikita aka "Princess Fatale"

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