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File 143543449632.jpg - (962.39KB , 760x1111 , 1415057295822.jpg )
88 No. 88
ITT post /pol/ approved media (movies, anime, video games etc.)

Pic related is an obvious example; the most traditionalist video game series ever made.

Also, who is your favorite Touhou, and why do you hate kikes?
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>> No. 89
>> No. 90
You are post 88.

88. Not even 100 posts yet.

Why are you starting bullshit, circle-jerk threads? Isn't that what 4chan is for?
>> No. 91
File 143547148171.jpg - (50.73KB , 800x600 , 1433466844966.jpg )
I'm sorry, it just had to be. What if the 88 get had fallen to some filthy kike or gommunist? It'd be like 1945 all over again.

Also, cuckchan a shit.
>> No. 92
It's not much better this way tbh
>muh gommies
>muh kikes
Unless you're legitimately afraid of their bullshit (in which case get the fuck out), you shouldn't worry because you can just brush it off in one or two replies.

Muh strong womyn leads.
>> No. 93
Aww m8 just lighten up a bit. If you want a super serious /pol/ version yuo can alway go to 8ch.

>Muh strong womyn leads.
Its not like there are ideological reasons behind this.

Also your welcome to answer my OP instead of metaposting if you want tto contribute to this board.

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