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File 143468463434.jpg - (40.50KB , 420x420 , 1429476344083.jpg )
112 No. 112
Was there even a clip of Bo3 zombies in E3 or was it just solely game play?
>> No. 113
just game play. I saw no zombies...
>> No. 117
That's so fucking stupid Jesus christ I came at the last few seconds of game play to. But did you see doom? Fucking sic
>> No. 118
That's so stupid why wouldn't they fucking show it
>> No. 119
Frames that have my attention currently.

Fallout 4
No man's sky.
>> No. 124
I'm afraid no man's sky will be really repetitive but I'm looking forward to seeing what's it's like
>> No. 125
Really just depends on how the world generation works.

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