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File 143287581945.png - (95.60KB , 368x450 , Class_creation_battlemage.png )
66 No. 66
Anyone here still play oblivion?
Oblivion General thread.
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>> No. 67
Also check'em
>> No. 70
I loved that game so much. Ever since I saw the gleam of the sun on the silver sword my friend had I knew it was for me.
>> No. 72
Never have. Might give it a go!
>> No. 73
why still play this
>> No. 74
Well I started with skyshit but got bored with the repetitive nature of it. Oblivion seems to have more to offer in its quests and NPC's
>> No. 75
I heavily modded shyshit and made it more interesting.
>> No. 111
File 143447816937.jpg - (161.47KB , 1360x768 , 2014-11-04_00001.jpg )
I still play it occasionally

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