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File 141104909448.jpg - (79.50KB , 720x481 , 1797352_647400871964046_540748676_n.jpg )
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I came across some videos last night pertaining to Magicians and demons. they had some pretty hard to explain shit on them will find and will post for you guys!
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>> No. 8
  Episode 6
>> No. 9
  Episode 7
>> No. 35
someone should invite Smiley to this board.

File 141135067272.jpg - (45.90KB , 631x444 , 10606372_10205212921709171_1590693728879534556_n.jpg )
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Some guys deer hunting camera captured this. Apparently this little girl has always appeared in pictures that his family takes.

real or not. still is pretty freaky.
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>> No. 31
Dick pic. Boom, demon girl coming out of your urethra
>> No. 33
Lol very tempted to shop something of this nature.
>> No. 34
Op post more pictures so we can do this

File 143283697322.jpg - (4.21KB , 400x249 , 20110324__25dcaufow_400.jpg )
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Me and my friend were bbqing late last night and we spotted a ufo flying above the pasture near my neighbors cows. Hopefully they took one. Need to go look.

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